Hi there, 

My name is Kayla Marie Garner. I am a rising 4th year PhD student in Personality, Development, and Health Psychology student at Northwestern University (NU). I work in the Personality, Motivation, and Cognition Lab (https://personality-project.org/pmc.html) at NU with Dr. William Revelle and am doing research with the Synthetic Aperture Personality Assessment (SAPA) project (https://www.sapa-project.org). I also work in the Lifespan Personality and Health Lab with Dr. Daniel Mroczek. My research and academic interests broadly involve geographical psychology, person-environment fit, personality traits, psychometrics, and pro-environmentalism. I am highly interested in the dynamic and transactional relationship between people and their geographical environments, as well as how and why personality effects vary across places. Please navigate to the links in the sidebar for more information about my past and present research.  

PhD in Personality, Development, and Health Psychology, Northwestern University                                                          

June 2026           

Master of Science in Statistics, Northwestern University   

June 2026        

Master of Science in Psychology, Northwestern University   

August 2023                

Master of Arts in Psychology, California State University Fullerton

May 2021                   

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, California State University Channel Islands

December 2018

Get in touch with me via email: kaylagarner@u.northwestern.edu